A whale shark swims by a pleasantly surprised kayaker.

Which is more fun: water skiing or cruising on a jet ski?

Paddle Boarding is relaxing as well as a great source of aerobic exercise !

Toes in the water.

Life in the Baja.

Perfect for fun-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts of every stripe. The Baja beckons with the perfect sunny environment. Beachcomb on the best shell beach in the Baja. For those who want adventure, snorkel or scuba dive in warm clear water along the reefs amidst a profusion of colors and exotic marine life. Kayak through calm bays, along scenic shorelines and around local islands and watch for some of the multitude of sea life including sea lions, dolphins, sea turtles, flying fish and whales. ATV along endless miles of beach or venture inland over desert dunes with a variety of cactus as far as the eye can see.

When you are ready for the ultimate in world class sportfishing, hire one of the excellent local guides. Fishing is seasonal and greatly varied, rewarding anglers with marlin, sailfish, dorado, yellowtail, roostertail, tuna, grouper, skipjack, sierra, triggerfish, cabrilla bass and red snapper to name a few of the incredible variety of sport fish that flourish in the Sea of Cortez.

Fishing is an activity that delights the young and old alike !

A peaceful stroll along Baja's many miles of sandy beaches is perfect for "getting away" from it all !

ATV's are popular
and fun!

The Sea of Cortez boasts fantastic views and numerous soft white sand beaches including Shell Beach (Punta Chivato), Santispac, Concepcion, Los Cocos, El Burro, El Coyote, Buenventura, El Requeson and Armenta.

Cave painting at The Sierra de Guadalupe, west of Mulege, contains the largest number of known pre-historic mural sites in Baja, California, Several hotels and a guide service can arrange excursions to the more accessible sites for approximately $25 to 35 U.S. per person.

Baja has some of the finest weather in the world! It’s located just far enough north in latitude to avoid the extreme heat and humidity that most countries have that are located closer to the equator. Yet it is far enough south to avoid the harsh winters that impact much of the United States and Canada. Much of Baja lies close to or in the Tropics, those perfect latitudes on either side of the Tropic of Cancer that usually provides warm days and balmy nights.

Shallow Water:
Barracuda, Leopard Grouper, Triggerfish, Sierra (migratory), Barred Pargo, Ladyfish, Gulf Grouper. On occasion you will also catch: Snapper, Cabrilla Bass, Pufferfish, Porgy, Bonito, Golden Grouper, Amberjack, Hogfish and Roostertail.

Deep Water:
Skipjack, Dorado, Yellowtail, Yellowfin Tuna and occasionally Marlin and Sailfish. They arrive from the North in fall and stay until spring.

See www.mexfish.com

Places to Visit:

Cave Painting Tour – Salvador Castro -53-0019
Whale Watching – San Ignacio – 615-154-0070
Fishing Guide – Jose Luis – 615-153-0440


In Punta Chivato:
Los Chibatos

In Mulege:
Equipales (152-0330)
La Casitas (153-0019)
Donny’s Tacqueria (153-0095)
Scott’s El Candl (104-2547)


Snorkeling & scuba diving

Water skiing

Deep sea fishing

Fishing off the shore or in a kayak



Cave Tours

Whale watching

Beachcombing and shelling

Watch incredible sunsets (Cervesa & Margarita’s optional)


Commercially, you fly into the Loreto Airport (Code: LTO) about 100 miles south of Punta Chivato.

Drive north from Loareto airport on Highway 1 and turn right at Palo Verde at Kilometer marker 156. Baja Playa Estates is approximately 5 miles from the turn-off. Follow the dirt road bearing right where it forks and when you crest a hill and see the Sea of Cortez, Baja Playa Estates is the first community straight ahead. You will see the Caretaker’s home and the amenities area on your right as you continue straight into the community. (The dirt road continues to the left at the entrance to Baja Playa Estates and parellels the Sea of Cortez to Punta Chivato and the airstrip).